Costa Nachos provides Saint John and area with delicious nachos during the summer months, served out of our food truck.

Nacho Menu

* Add Chicken or Beef & Bean mix.

— You can now ask for Vegan Cheese. —



Crisp Tortilla Chips topped with your choice of Taco Seasoned Protein, Shredded Cheese, Green Onions, Tomatoes, Jalapenos and Onions. Your choice of Chicken or Beef.


Too Sauced

Crisp Tortilla Chips topped with BBQ Sauce, Chicken, Shredded Cheese, Green Onions, Green Peppers, and Tomatoes.

The Sow Belly

The Sow Belly

Crisp Tortilla Chips with Pulled Pork tossed in a Smokey BBQ Sauce, a blend of Cheeses, Mixed Onions, a mixture of Peppers, and Black Olives.

Blazin Good Time

Blazin’ Good Time

Crisp Tortilla Chips with our blend of Seasoned Beef and Bean mixture, a blend of Cheeses, mixed Onions, mixed Peppers, and Black Olives.

Costa Pollo

Costa Pollo

Our take on Con Pollo Nachos made with Crisp Tortilla Chips, Melty Monterey Jack Cheese, Tomatoes, Chicken, with Tomatillo Sauce.

The Siam

The Siam

Crisp Tortilla Chips with lots of Chicken, tossed in Thai Sauce, with a blend of Peppers, mixed Onions, and Melty Yummy Cheese.

Just Veg Out

Just Veg Out

Crisp Tortilla Chips with Monterey Jack Cheese, a blend of mixed Peppers, mixed Onions, Black Olives, Tomatoes, and topped off with Crumbled Feta Cheese.

Streets of Mexico

Streets of Mexico *

Our Delicious Mexican Street Nachos starts with Crisp Tortilla Chips, Monterey Jack Cheese, our Costa Queso Cheese Sauce, our take on Mexican Street Corn, Topped with Feta Cheese.

The Grand Cheese

The Grande Cheese *

Crisp Tortilla Chips, layered with our Costa Queso Cheese Sauce, and topped off with lots of melted Shredded Cheese.

The Ranch

The Ranch

Crisp Tortilla Chips with Chicken, Bacon, Shredded Cheese, and of course, topped off with Ranch Dressing!


Donair Fiesta

Featuring Donair Ave’s tender Donair Meat, Crisp Onions, Tomatoes, Shredded Cheese, all drizzled with Donair Sauce.

Mini Nachos

The Mini Cheese

Mini Cheese Nachos, Juice Box and a Treat.

Extras & Sides


Extra Sour Cream or Salsa

Extra Cheese

Substitute Vegan Cheese

Mexican Street Corn


Can Pop